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tutorials EAPH and FreeForm Tutorials Page

Although FreeForm at robshelp.com, FreeForm2 at freeform2.robshelp.com, and EAPH.com hosting are separate services, FreeForm and FreeForm2 are easier and more efficient when used in combination with EAPH. These tutorials, demonstrations, instructions, discussions, and examples will help you learn to use EAPH (iDrive) and FreeForm/FreeForm2 features to best advantage. Don't forget, I'm here also to help as needed. ~Rob rob@robshelp.com The tutorials marked with the flash symbol are flash tutorials and to view those you may need to download and install the the latest version of the Flash player. If you do not already have it on your computer you should be prompted automatically to download the version required when you click to view them. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to view the flash tutorials.

General Help

First of all, be determined to succeed and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it!

Using multiple web browser windows

Pop-up blockers are good, but...

Copy and Paste Workshop

Keep your computer healthy

Camera and scanner settings

Avoiding unpleasant surprises

Getting your items found, visited, and purchased on eBay

Does owning an eBay Store help?

Suggestions For Better eBay Gallery Picture Appearance and Effectiveness
EAPH Hosting Tools

EAPH Getting Started (Outline)

Use folders to organize your pictures flash 12:49

Login, create a new folder, and upload pictures using the Browse method flash 7:36

Using JavaUpload2 uploading method flash 2:07

Crop, resize, and compress a photo flash 6:24

EAPH iDrive2 Easy Links - Bulk photo embed tool. Quickly and easily prepare code to display a nicely customized presentation of many photos. The easiest way on earth to display a bunch of photos within an eBay item description.

EAPH iDrive2 Enhanced Photo Album - Photo albums are a way to share the contents of a picture folder with decorations added

EAPH iDrive2 Template Helper - An alternative to using FreeForm. For creating item descriptions and web pages using pre-built templates.

Self Hosting eBay Gallery Pictures - A little more work but often worth the trouble

Prepping Photos Prior to Uploading:

Photo Preparation - The Big Four: Crop, Cutaway, Resample, Compress

Optimizing Photos using Irfanview flash 7:24

Batch processing with Irfanview flash 8:36

FreeForm Getting Started (Outline) - this gives the general idea of how FreeForm works

Create, save, and post an item description on eBay flash 24:31 - includes how pictures stored in your EAPH iDrive are used in FreeForm

Obtaining graphics from Internet sites for use in FreeForm flash 14:23 Features Waterlily Graphics - an excellent source for very pretty backgrounds.

Using the Frame Builder Tool flash 17:15 - the Frame Builder is a feature of FreeForm that surrounds your pages with a frame

FreeForm - My 7 most important tips - suggestions for obtaining best results using FreeForm

Avoiding unpleasant surprises - general tips for what to watch out for when creating item descriptions or web pages
FreeForm2 New in 2011

With FreeForm2 it is relatively easy to produce and use custom templates flash 5:40

FreeForm2 - assigning colors, textures, and fonts flash

FreeForm2 makes it quick and easy to produce new item descriptions from templates. Featuring batch photo loading when using EAPH.com hosting flash 1:48
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