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EAPH.com hosting features the ability to keep photos organized by creating folders. A standard photo album is automatically available to use for sharing the contents of any folder. iDrive2's Enhanced Photo Album enables customization of those albums by assigning each folder its own:
  • Title
  • Description
  • Website Link
  • Contact Email Address
  • Layout Template
Folder settings also include whether an album should link to other albums and whether or not other albums should link to it. In such a manner individual unique albums may be created or a bunch of them all linked together, or both.

As many layout templates as desired may be created for use with folders. A template editor is provided to create them enabling control over:
  • Background Wallpaper and/or Background Color
  • Text Color, Size, and Font
  • Text Box Background Color
  • Positioning of description and links: above pictures, below pictures, or both
The albums themselves feature built in navigation from one photo to the next and do not rely on opening of new windows to view individual photos. When an album is linked to from a web page, eBay item description, eBay About Me page, etc. a "Return" link is automatically constructed that enables visitors to return where they came from.

The screen by screen tutorial below demonstrates how I've created a sample album using the contents of a folder named "angelica". The photos in that folder are courtesy of Judy Hessel - jujube4 on eBay. Before proceeding with the tutorial it will be best if you:

view the finished album (use "Return" link to return here)

Be sure to scroll down far enough to also view the captions below the screen shots
See "Instructions for increasing screen size" below if needed

Slide 1
The web browser you are using either does not have javascript enabled or is not compatible with iDrive2 or Template Helper. I suggest using FireFox2 that you can download free at www.mozilla.com

To see the finished sample album created in the tutorial you may use this link:

http://samples.eaph3.com/viewalbum2.cgi?angelica (use the "Return" link in the album to return here)

If you run into any problems when creating albums be sure to write. My help is available to all EAPH.com hosting members - rob@robshelp.com

Instructions for increasing your web browser screen size

If you are having trouble fitting the tutorial slides along with the captions into your viewing window first try maximizing the window. If that doesn't do the trick try using the "Full Screen" option in your web browser's tool bar under "View".

Give iDrive2 a try along with all its features: EAPH Try the Demo

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