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Price and Service

With EAPH.com hosting:
  • Avoid costly eBay Picture Services

  • Avoid eBay alterations to your photos

  • Display more and better photos of your items

  • Create attractive eBay auction descriptions, eBay Store Custom Pages, and eBay About Me pages

  • Create photo albums and web pages including optional www.yourdomain.com site hosting.
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$8.00 per month via a PayPal subscription with no setup charges. You go and may cancel whenever you want either by ending the subscription yourself at PayPal or by sending an email to rob@robshelp.com.

Bear in mind: Hosting your photos at EAPH and displaying them in your eBay item descriptions using FreeForm (or any other method) means you will never need to pay eBay for any of their Picture Services again. You may show as many pictures as you desire in as many different listings as you want without paying eBay a penny more.

Refund Policy

If when canceling service you have determined it is safe to end your hosting immediately (no current eBay listings are using your photos hosted at EAPH) then be sure also to request a refund of your most recent payment. The refund will be issued without argument. That includes the payment that goes through with a new subscription so effectively you may try out EAPH hosting risk free.

No "hard" bandwidth or storage space limits

Your interests to maximize the potential success of your eBay listings and to maintain an uncluttered workspace overlap EAPH hosting interests to protect the servers from becoming overloaded. A classic win-win situation. Although no host can truthfully offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth, if you are a typical eBay seller, you truly need never worry about exceeding anything at EAPH.

That said, initially your allocation is 50MB of storage which is typically space enough for about a 1,000 pictures. Certainly enough for non-recurring auction listings. If you list a large number of the same items over and over, list in eBay Store format (permanent type listings), or build a web site you may need more. Just ask and your allocation will be increased at no additional charge.

You need not worry either about your growth potential. If your needs eventually exceed EAPH hosting capabilities (I wish you that much success!) you will be provided with assistance in transferring your hosting to another provider.

Ready to Go? Sign Up Now. A "Welcome to EAPH.com Hosting" email will get you started right away. You may cancel with a refund if EAPH doesn't meet your needs.

Learn how EAPH.com helps reduce eBay listing costs while improving the effectiveness of your sales efforts.


Over a billion 1,000,000,000+ pictures viewed on eBay have been delivered from EAPH servers.
EAPH hosting employs the use of multiple servers located in secure data centers that are, in turn, strategically located close to major Internet hubs. A data center is a hardened building with backup power supplies (generators), redundant data communications connections, environmental controls, and special security devices.

Data centers optionally provide 24/7 monitoring of individual server performance by trained technicians. So both you and I can sleep at night that service is engaged by EAPH hosting. If and when problems arise they are attended to promptly and competently.

Real person customer service, great tutorials

Teacher This isn't just another place you just happen to be able to store photos for use on eBay. EAPH.com is a service specifically designed for that purpose.

In other words, a great amount of effort over many years has been expended to build all the help sellers usually need right into the services provided. That along with extensive tutorials teaching how best to use the features frees me up to help with special circumstances, answer questions, and assist in any way I can. Send an email, ask a question, and see what happens: rob@robshelp.com

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