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everything you might need to assist with the presentation of your photos

You won't be using all the tools available but keep them in mind. When you are following your normal routines and find yourself wishing for a better or more efficient way to get things done, you'll likely find one among the tools above.
Personal Assistance
Get started on the right foot. Please take advantage of the personal assistance available to you as an EAPH member. Write to rob@robshelp.com when you need any type of help especially with:
  • Assistance in transferring your current hosting to EAPH including revising eBay item descriptions to replace Internet addresses (URLs).
  • Overall routines for preparing photos including camera settings, using the photo editor on your computer, uploading and optimizing
  • Creating custom templates in FreeForm, FreeForm2, or the Template Helper including:
    • Incorporating the "look and feel" of your existing web site
    • Designing to incorporate your banner or logo
    • "Importing" a purchased item description or web page template
  • Creating a custom eBay About Me page
  • Customizing an eBay Storefront
  • Publishing web pages in your EAPH web space
  • Adding navigation (menus) to web pages in FreeForm
You'll get to "it's easy if you know how" with less frustration if you have the willingness and patience to request help. Personalized step by step instructions can usually be put together and emailed to you for permanent reference.