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Photo Preparation Tools

speed up loading times without sacrificing display quality

At EAPH you are gently guided to prepare your photos for optimum display within eBay item descriptions or web pages. That process is called "optimizing".
Most or all optimizing can be done prior to uploading. Three very helpful tips:
  1. Set your digital camera to shoot in the range of 2 to 3 megapixels. Megapixels are not a measure of quality! They are a measure of size and relevant only when photos will be printed. At the lower megapixel setting the photos will be much closer to their ultimate best size, will take up much less storage space on the camera, and upload faster.
  2. If you do any editing using a photo editor, such as color correction, try to do ALL the photo prep with that editor. Less handling is obviously more efficient but also helps preserve the original photo quality.
  3. When finished working with a photo in an editor look for and use either "Save As" or "Save For Web". That will usually make available additional options for fine tuning (optimizing) the photo for use in web pages which also applies to their use within eBay item descriptions.
With EAPH help is available to improve your procedures for efficiency and maximum quality results. Just write to the support email address rob@robshelp.com to begin a discussion of your needs.
Optimize As You Upload
EAPH provides two methods for uploading photos. Each provide for reducing and adding compression suitable for displaying photos in eBay item descriptions or web pages.

JavaUpload2 Method

Very fast. Allows for selection of multiple files or even a whole folder on your computer. When an option to reduce files is selected, the reductions occur prior to uploading which speeds the process dramatically.

"Drag and Drop" and "Copy and Paste" are supported as well as a Browse window to locate the photos on your computer to be uploaded.

Basic Browse Method

Reduction and compression is applied with a different method than that used by JavaUpload2. Some photos may end up with a slighly better reduction result. If you have borderline quality photos to begin with then the Basic Browse, even though it takes longer to use, is the better choice.
Optimize After You Upload
After a photo has been uploaded tools are available to:
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Reduce
  • Brighten
  • Soften
  • Sharpen
  • Add a fuzzy edge
  • Add a beveled edge
  • Add text to bottom right corner
  • Choose compression level
The compression level control is similar to the "Save For Web" feature in many photo editors. A preview of 5 different compression levels is provided from which to choose the optimum level for that particular photo.

These on-line tools are great for situations when the photo editor on your computer isn't getting the job done well.