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File Management

iDriveTM everything at your fingertips

This is an image hosting service designed especially for use with eBay or other on-line venues. At the heart is iDriveTM, a file management interface tailored specifically for that purpose.
iDrive is geared to accommodate auction photos as well as permanent photos and graphics with an interface that displays important information about each image. Everything you need to know is right there including URLs and HTML image tags you may need.

Highly visual. Each iDrive page displays links to and information about all the features available. No digging around to find what you need.
Great For Beginners
Rather than requiring you learn everything the hard way, iDrive protects you with built in safeguards and an extensive warning system.

You literally can not make a mistake without having ignored specific advice and warnings appearing on iDrive screens.

Although the built-in safeguards serve as "proactive customer service" (preventing problems from happening in the first place), help available does not end there. When you have a need don't hesitate to write to the support email address rob@robshelp.com.
You're in Control
iDrive gently guides but does not take away the ability to make your own decisions. Nothing is done to your photos automatically. You decide what size they should be, etc.

You are also in control over the assignment of folder and file names to create your own organizational system.

Whatever system you use, iDrive helps you get around with clearly marked Folder and File section headings and an "All Folders List" tool that zips you straight to the folder you wish to work in.