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Web Page Hosting

publish web pages including use of your own domain name if you desire

How it Works
You should know up front that the primary mission of EAPH hosting is image hosting, not web site hosting. What that means is you won't have all the amenities typically available with services dedicated to web site or ecommerce hosting.

That's not to say you can't create great looking and performing web pages or even an entire web site. You'll just need to work within the constraints of the service. The primary requirement is needing to either use FreeForm at robshelp.com or the EAPH Template Helper to create and publish the pages.

Publishing is easy! In FreeForm and the Template Helper, after having created a page, you are provided with a link to "Publish on EAPH", add in a little more information about the page and you're done.
Best for Non-Selling Sites
If you are an eBay seller or sell at other venues, having your own web site (even if you don't sell from it) helps to reinforce the authenticity of your items and your reliability as a seller. Artists, in particular, are often expected to have a web site that displays samples or galleries of their work.

The advantage of using EAPH lies in FreeForm's flexibilty to produce fully custom pages. Services devoted to web site or ecommerce hosting tend to limit the arrangement of the pages and their contents. With FreeForm you are in control of everything.

Selling from a site hosted with EAPH is possible, but because there is no built in ecommerce support or inventory control it is inadvisable unless you have only a few items to sell and they don't change often. If you will be selling, FreeForm's Gallery Input Areas and Code Input Areas provide for including "Buy Now" or "Shopping Cart" buttons you can obtain such as from PayPal or Mal's e-commerce.
Using your own domain name
When you publish pages via FreeForm or the Template Helper the pages acquire an Internet address like this:


If you own a domain name, for example, "GadgetsEmporium.com" it is possible to arrange for your site to also be accessed by that domain name:


To accomplish:
  1. Purchase the domain name you desire from a Domain Name Registrar. You should be able to find one with a price of less than $20.00 per year.
  2. Send an email to the support email address rob@robshelp.com containing your EAPH member name and your domain name. The server on which your EAPH hosting resides will then be set up to accept that domain name.
  3. You will be sent back instructions to visit the Registrar and change what are called "name servers" to the new server addresses which will be provided to you.
  4. As you publish pages use the option provided "Domain Fix" to cause all internal links in the pages to be changed to use your domain name.
Important: EAPH hosting does not include email hosting. If you need to be able to use an email address such as "customerservice@yourdomain.com" or "jack@yourdomain.com" you'll need to use a Domain Name Registrar that provides the option of email hosting and purchase that option.

You'll also need to send an email to the support email address rob@robshelp.com here so the server can be further adjusted to enable that email hosting to function.