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Presentation Tools

a variety of ways to display your images (photos and graphics)

FreeForm and FreeForm2
FreeForm at robshelp.com empowers eBay sellers to create and use custom layouts (templates) for eBay item descriptions and web pages. FreeForm2 at freeform2.robshelp.com is a newer, easier to learn, and quicker to use alternative for eBay item descriptions only. Both include an interface for EAPH hosting members which enables point and click for displaying images (graphics and photos) within layouts.

FreeForm and FreeForm2 also provide for importing groups of photos created using the EAPH "Plugins" and EAPH "EasyLinks" tools.

Using EAPH hosting with FreeForm or FreeForm2 will dramatically improve convenience and efficiency.
"Plugins", "EasyLinks", "Photo Albums"
These tools produce HTML and JavaScript that can be "plugged in" to eBay item descriptions or web pages. They are designed for use with or without also using FreeForm/FreeForm2.

Use the Plugins tools to assemble groups of photos as MouseOver Enlarge, SlideShows, Click To Enlarge galleries, or Full Size Groups. Also included is a MouseOver Zoom tool for display of single (very large) images.

EasyLinks is an expansion of the "Full Size Group" Plugins concept with the additional features of easier arrangement, borders for photos, and display size fine tuning. EasyLinks is the easiest imaginable way to add an attractively displayed group of photos to any eBay item description or web page. See how it works here: EasyLinks Demonstration

Photo Albums The folders you create for storage of photos automatically become individual photo albums.

Let's say you want to share a group of photos without going to a lot of trouble. With EAPH all you need to do is create a folder, upload new photos into it (or copy from other folders), then email, post, or publish a single URL automatically provided in the folder for that purpose.

If you want to share them with a little more style you have the option to produce an Enhanced Photo Album which may include a background, a custom title, a description section, a web page link, and an email link.
Template Helper
EAPH's unique Template Helper is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for templates such as you might acquire on the web or purchase from a designer on eBay. Without having to learn or edit HTML source code you may:
  • Insert and remove images (graphics and photos)
  • Insert and remove text
  • Add borders to images and adjust their spacing
  • Align content: Center, Left, Right, Indent
  • Adjust text color, size, font, underline, bold, italics
  • Highlight Text
  • Create bulleted or numbered lists
  • Create or edit text and image links
As with FreeForm and FreeForm2 each presentation created can be saved separately and re-loaded at a later date and time for revision or as the foundation for creating additional web pages or eBay item descriptions.