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Tutorials As of 11/17/07 (reload this page to see if more have been added since then)

Tutorial 1 - Introduction and Installing a New Template

Tutorial 2 - Inserting, Replacing, and Removing Images. Includes adding a border to pictures

Tutorial 3 - Simple Text Editing

Tutorial 4 - Creating a Well Formatted Chart

Tutorial 5 - Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists

Tutorial 6 - Creating Links from Images and Text

Those of you who may not feel confident to install a template yourself, just ask me to do it for you. My help is available to all EAPH.com hosting members - rob@robshelp.com

If you have trouble fitting the tutorial slides along with the captions into your viewing window first try maximizing the window. If that doesn't do the trick try using the "Full Screen" option in your web browser's tool bar under "View".

Give iDrive2 a try along with all its features: EAPH Try the Demo

More help, instructions, and tutorials available here: EAPH Help and Information Center