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This feature has become inoperable on eBay because it depends on javascript which eBay has banned sellers from using on their site. eBay has also made changes that prevent the tool from reliably updating itself either manually or automatically which makes it useless even for display at pages not on eBay itself. For those reasons it is recommended:Do not use the tool

Remote Control Window Shopping GalleryTM

automatically updates daily with your current eBay items for sale
EAPH members: Access via the Show and Tell section of iDrive2

Yes, Remote Control !
The Window Shopping Gallery Remote Control Panel within your EAPH.com hosting creates the code to put into your eBay item descriptions, eBay About Me page, eBay Store/Shop Pages, or other web pages. From the Remote Control Panel you may change:
  • Skin Color
The "skin" is the color of the outside border. You may specify a color that goes well with your item description templates.
  • "Splash" Screen
Prior to any shopper interaction with the Gallery a 606 by 402 pixel area is available to display a custom "Splash" screen". You may, for example, display a logo, text, and links.
  • Primary Sort
Specify which items are to be given first priority to appear in the gallery: Items Ending Soonest, Newly Listed, Highest Price, or Best Match. Best Match lets eBay decide: For example, multiple quantity fixed price listings with recent sales would tend to place higher than those without sales.
  • Secondary Sort
Further specify the type of items to be given priority: Auction Items, Auction Items with By It Now, Fixed Price Items, Store/Shop Inventory Items, Classified Ads, or All Items.
  • Relevance Sort
Optionally you may also give priority to items that are in the same eBay category as the eBay item listing within which the Gallery appears.
  • All Items Link
Included with the display of each item in the Gallery a link appears to "Browse All Items". The destination for that link may be either your eBay Store/Shop home page or eBay's gallery or list view of all your items for sale.
  • eBay ID
Yes, even if you change your eBay ID or eBay Store/Shop name you will not need to revise the code put into your item descriptions or web pages.
Loads Quickly
The loading overhead for the Gallery is under 11KB (less than is required to display one small image).
No significant difference in the speed with which your eBay item listing pages load.
Only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are used -- all native to web browsers. No requirement for, or loading delay resulting from, plugins such as Java or Flash.
eBay seller SistersBeads live sample (used with permission)
Skin color set to
which coordinates with the colors used in SistersBeads item description template on eBay
Shoppers Stay on eBay
When shoppers click to visit one of your listings displayed in the Gallery they are taken directly to the listing on eBay.
No intermediary third party (advertising) web sites from which shoppers must click to get back to your actual eBay items.
Included with the display of each item in the Gallery a link appears to Browse All Items. The destination for that link is specified by you in the Control Panel as either your eBay Store/Shop home page or eBay's gallery or list view of all your items for sale.
Safe to Use
No third party access is required to your eBay account. All the Gallery requires is your eBay ID name and, if applicable, the name of your eBay Store/Shop.
Nothing is automatically added to your eBay items. You remain in complete control by placing the gallery code (or not) into your eBay item descriptions.
Any content put into the splash screen, as well as the item titles displayed by the Gallery, are unreadable by eBay's search engine apparatus so will not violate eBay's Search and browse manipulation policies.
No need to remove the code if/when you end your EAPH.com Hosting membership. Only a blank space where the Gallery was appearing will remain.
Updates Automatically
  1. Once each 24 hours (about 1:00am USA Eastern Standard Time) the top 500 of your eBay items for sale are read from eBay based on your Primary Sort preference.
    For example, the Primary Sort "Items Ending Soonest" will look at all your items on eBay and produce a list of the 500 that are ending the soonest.
  2. That pool of 500 items is then processed based on your Secondary Sort preference and on the eBay category in which each item is located.
  3. The result will be a variety of 42 item sets. The Gallery will use a set based on the same eBay category if the Relevance Sort is engaged AND the Gallery is displaying within an eBay item description. Otherwise, a 42 item set based only on Primary and Secondary Sort will be used.
The Gallery displays up to 42 items and if you have at least 42 items listed on eBay will always display 42.
Once you have put the Gallery code into an item description or web page you will never need to revise it. All changes to the Gallery content and appearance are accomplished via the Remote Control Panel.